Azmaya Inban Mamezara

Azmaya's Inban Mamezara

Azmaya's Inban Mamezaras are individually made by hand in Hasamicho, Nagasaki Prefecture, using a technique called "Inban," which involves transcribing patterns on vessels.

Not only could they be used as nominal plates, but they're in a size that is perfect to place spices or to dish up pickles as well. They are also recommended as wedding gifts or gifts for a new house.

First I wanted to thank you for sending my recent purchase so quickly. The mail typically moves very slowly here in Canada so I was shocked to find the package at my door just a few days after I put in the order. It was wrapped so carefully I almost didn’t want to unpack it. Even inside the container you did a wonderful job packing the smaller, more fragile items inside the larger ones. We are enjoying our new plates, mugs, scissors and rice storage box. Thanks again for making these wonderful products available to those of us who live outside Japan.
D.T. from Canada

I would like to thank you for my recent experience at I enjoyed the opportunity to purchase traditionally crafted artisanal goods. This experience taught me. I really appreciate the Japanese Art of Creation.
M.N. from Israel

I would like to thank you for getting the parcel to me so fast in the end. The beautiful products inside were worth the wait and I will treasure them. The quality and workmanship of each item is exquisite. I look forward to ordering from you again. Kindest regards and どうもありがとうございます.
T.H. from Ireland

I'm satisfied with the product, cute and practical!
R.P. from Canada

We are very enjoy to have these wonderful items!
L.S. from Canada

Everything is wonderful - great for use but also very beautifully made. Very happy with the order.
A.M. from Belgium

I loved it so much. I will be shopping again soon. And thanks for being these great products to us. See you soon. Have a good day.
Y.C. from Canada

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. We will inform you of the estimated shipping date if shipping is delayed due to a shortage.

Inban Mamezara

Mamezaras (small dishes with a diameter of less than five centimeters) are very useful in a variety of ways, such as to serve soy sauce or to dish spices and pickles. Users may enjoy choosing the way of using the mamezara according to their feeling of the day. How about displaying your favorite mamezaras on your everyday table?

Size: About Ø82xH20 (Ume)/Ø81xH19 (Tanpopo)/Ø82xH20 (Himawari)/Ø92xD64xH25 (Boke)/Ø90xD72xH19 (Hyoutan)/W102xD63xH17 (Ougi)/W82xD82xH20 (Momo)mm
Material: Amakusa Pottery Stone, Zaffer, Lime Glaze

*As each plate is hand-patterned, there may be some lags or blur. We kindly ask you for your understanding.

Price: 1,200 JPY


Inban Mamezara 7-Piece Set

Contains 7 mamezaras with 7 different patterns including Ume (palm), Tanpopo (dandelion), Himawari (sunflower), Boke (Japanese quince), Hyoutan (gourd), Ougi (fan), and Momo (peach).

*As each plate is hand-patterned, there may be some lags or blur. We kindly ask you for your understanding.

Price: 8,400 JPY



Founded in 1997, Azmaya continues to create beautiful commodities, high in quality, applying the Japanese crafts technologies, and has now become one of the finest craft brands in Japan.


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