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Azmaya's Rice Storage Box

Paulownia wood served as materials for containers of precious products since the ancient times, and has high anti-corrosion, insect proofing, and moisture buffering effects.

The outstanding nature of paulownia wood protects important rice from insects, molds, and moisture.

This rice storage box is finished solely utilizing a thick plate of pure paulownia wood, without using any metal fittings such as nails. Its wide mouth and its high-precision sliding door make it easier for users to take rice in and out of the box, while completely shutting out the open air.

Further, as the upper part can be removed like a cover, it allows users to take multiple types of rice in and out of the box, as well as to clean the interior as the need arises.


I am extremely happy with my two rice boxes, one each for brown and white rice. I would love to continue to receive details of your beautiful products.
L.C. from UK

Confirmed I have received my order in perfect condition today. Thank you very much and sincerely appreciate all the professionals who made these beautiful products. I will share your company’s info to all my friends! Thank you again and have a wonderful week!
S.F. from Hong Kong

Everything is wonderful - great for use but also very beautifully made. Very happy with the order.
A.M. from Belgium

The 5kg rice container is beautiful and very useful. I already made an order for my mother for Christmas. The 5kg rice container is the perfect size, easy to use, and is beautiful to look at and touch.
M.Z. from Canada

I am very very happy with the products I received. The rice box arrived in perfect condition. I would be more than happy to shop with Shokunin again:)
J.K. from Australia

I am very satisfied with the purchase. All the items meet my expectations perfectly and your service and delivery are more than impressive. I have already recommended your website to thousands of people. Wish you all the best!
Z.L. from Australia

The product we ordered is wonderful! Exactly what we wanted:).
G.L. from USA

I have received all items in beautiful condition. Thank you for the care you took before sending our order. We are very pleased with the quality of all of the items and find your service exceptional. We look forward to shopping with you again in the future.
A.L. from Australia

There's no defect and I'm very satisfied with the product. Thank you.
T.N. from Singapore


This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Rice Storage Box 5kg

Rice Storage Box 5kg is a size recommendable for customers living alone or who wish to compactly keep rice.

Size: About W300xD240xH180mm
Material: Paulownia Wood

Including this.

Price: 8,500 JPY


Rice Storage Box 10kg

Rice Storage Box 10kg can be widely used by both people living alone and people living with their families. Suitable for gifts as well.

Size: About W300xD240xH270mm
Material: Paulownia Wood

Including this.

Price: 11,000 JPY



Founded in 1997, Azmaya continues to create beautiful commodities, high in quality, applying the Japanese crafts technologies, and has now become one of the finest craft brands in Japan.


3,300 JPY

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