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Copper is a material suitable for kettles as it has outstanding heat-conductivity, antibacterial effect, and chlorine-degrading effect. Its level of heat-conductivity is twice as much as of aluminum, five times larger than of iron, and twenty times larger than of stainless steel, and therefore, copper kettles could boil water in a relatively shorter time.

The kettle changes its color into a more profound amber color through use and its texture enhances over time (example of secular change). It increases in value through everyday use.

Thank you very much for quick, amazing service. The ordered products are very good quality and I love the design. I will be a returning customer for sure!
P.Z. from UK

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and your superb customer service. I hope to buy again from you soon.
R.B. from France

Thank you very much for the updates on shipping and prompt delivery. My kettle arrived beautifully packaged and with no problems.
S.V. from UK

I have loved all the products I have received. The copper kettle arrived in perfect condition and I have enjoyed using it over the past few weeks. It is developing a wonderful patina, and makes tea time a joy. It looks beautiful on the straw pot stand too! The peeler is fantastic! It slices so thinly and without any resistance. You can get gauze-thin cuts of your vegetables, I also love how it is refillable. I will have to order the other peelers in the future. The Koishiwara ware small plates are fantastic for holding small side dishes. Thank you again! I love your store.
J.L. from Australia

I have ordered a number of times from Shokunin, and each time I absolutely love the products. Each is made with so much care and beautiful materials. I use them in my daily life - the Yamaichi sawara wooden tub and soap dish I use daily, the beautiful marukans hold coffee and tea while the fukin I use to hold the Azmaya copper kettle when it is heated. Thanks as always!
C.R. from Australia

You have an amazing collection of items on your store, a beautiful showcase of Japanese craftsmanship. Thank you for your email and for sending all the items. I really appreciated how much time you put into helping me source the Azmaya product. All the items arrived very quickly and all beautifully wrapped. I will definitely be ordering again soon!
C.R. from USA

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Copper Kettle

The spout and the body are made through manual welding. It is a life-long kettle with which users can enjoy growing it. *A stopper has been added to prevent the handle from falling over.

Size: About W200xD175xH240(Excluding Handle H150)mm/About 620g
Capacity: About 2.18L
Material: Copper, Nickel Plated (Inside Pot)
Production: Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture
Unavailable: Induction Heating

Price: 18,000 JPY

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Founded in 1997, Azmaya continues to create beautiful commodities, high in quality, applying the Japanese crafts technologies, and has now become one of the finest craft brands in Japan.

Copper Kettle

18,000 JPY


30,000 JPY

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7,200 JPY~


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4,200 JPY

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1,600 JPY~

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