Kiya Yakumiyose

Kiya's Yakumiyose

A yakumiyose (a tool to gather seasonings) made of henon bamboo based on tea whisks.

Although tea whisks have to be disposed of if any of their heads of wheat are broken during the production process, by dividing into several parts, they could transform into an eco-friendly and convenient yakumiyose.

Please use it together with a grater and a mortar.

I was taking advantage of strong USD to Japanese ¥, and I am glad I did order many things! :-) Everything arrived in less than anticipated time frame for delivery and is in perfect condition due to the efficiently and meticulously packed merchandise! I am still mesmerized how efficient Japanese way of packing so many items in this box with no space wasted, yet it is so obvious that it was done with TLC so nothing is damaged! I learned as I unpacked! Everybody needs to learn packing like Japanese! :-) Opening the package was a great pleasure with a sense of anticipation and mystery even though I knew what I ordered. You could feel the TLC when unwrapping each item like it is coming from a good friend! I felt confident as always ordering beautiful products from Shokunin, as they are of good quality which will last a long time if I take care of them well and hope could extend their life to the next generation. I kept telling my son that he would inherit those beautiful items ;-). Wish I could get everything they offer..:-).
F.P. from USA

Everything arrived safely and in good condition. All products are as described and am happy with them. I look forward to ordering again.
J.N. from Australia

One of the best thing during the pandemic was receiving the package from, which absolutely comforted my the hole in my heart resulted from not being able to travel to Japan. I miss Kyoto too. Looking forward to receiving my second order this time. May your business grow and bring prosperity.
L.C. from Taiwan

I would like to thank you for my recent experience at I enjoyed the opportunity to purchase traditionally crafted artisanal goods. This experience taught me. I really appreciate the Japanese Art of Creation.
M.N. from Israel

Your products are excellent. They arrived very quickly, carefully packed and in good condition. I am looking forward to order more from your shop.
N.M. from Canada

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If shipping is delayed due to a shortage, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

JUJU mortier Mortar #4

Copper Grater #6

Copper Grater for Yakumi


Individual Difference



Size: About 80x20mm
Material: Bamboo, Silk

Price: 700 JPY



Founded in 1792, Kiya has been purveying various living tools, mainly kitchen knives, for more than 200 years.

Sukiyaki Pot

17,200 JPY~


700 JPY

Unbleached Cotton Cloth

1,000 JPY

Pincers Pot

6,600 JPY~

Pot Lid

1,500 JPY~

Drop Lid

1,050 JPY~

Set of 12 Seasonal Cutting Dies

12,000 JPY


6,700 JPY~


1,700 JPY

Bamboo Tea Strainer

1,100 JPY

Steamer Cloth

500 JPY~

Nail Clipper

1,000 JPY~


3,000 JPY~

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