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Our Goal Create a World Enterprise from Japanese Craftsmen

We feel excited as we imagine that people across Japan and people across the world enjoy their everyday life with valuable handicrafts. We would like to consider how much have handicrafts from Japan become part of people's lives, rather than how many shops we've created or how much sales we've generated, as an indicator of our growth. Through Japanese craftsmen's handwork, we also would like to convey the values unique to Japan cultivated by history and culture.

Furthermore, we thought hard for years about how we could help people suffering extreme poverty, and the answer we gave wasn't to donate or to aid but to push ahead our principal occupation to have a beneficent influence on them. Through our process of creating a world enterprise from craftsmen of our own country, we want to provide people with the awareness that "we can do something from our country's traditional techniques." And we hope to become a role model that provides people with opportunities to stand up with dreams, without losing their strength and to make use of their country's tradition and culture.

This big dream can only be realized through support by each and every customer, not to mention our effort. It would be impossible to achieve this aim if there would be any self-conceit in our everyday service. To provide each and every customer with the best satisfaction. To receive the confidence of our customers that they would say: if it is the product of Shokunin.com, then it must be good. As to become a shop that is continuously chosen by many customers, we would like to, although not to the extent to which we might damage our health, enjoy and work with excitement every day to the fullest. We wish to provide our customers with joy every day, and we appreciate your continuous support.

Regarding the Criteria for the Selection of Products

We have carefully selected our wares among the products that are made by hand in Japan based on four points: quality, functionality, design, and originality.

Functionality includes effects of entertaining the users through vision and touch, and impressing visitors and gift receivers. For instance, is there any functionality in the patterns of earthenwares? We think they do. We think that functionality is what allows users to enjoy and beautify their everyday life by using, viewing, and touching the products.

We would like to continuously provide top-quality, Japanese craft goods that are carefully selected by our shop.

Course of Action

  • To make many customers, staffs, and business partners happy through our business.
  • To bear in mind that companies exist thanks to the customers, and to not forget that our only business outline is to realize happiness for our customers.
  • To provide every staffs with opportunities to grow and experience by themselves while working, by allowing them to take a month-long vacation every year.
  • To study and practice both competition and creation, the two wheels of business, as to enhance each other to become a full-fledged businessman. Further, to educate each other for each of us to become a moral member of the society.
  • To never become satisfied with the current situation, and to continue improving and innovating towards our goal.
  • We can't sprint every day. We would like to change and brighten the world from ourselves, by taking a rest for two days a week and by enjoying our lives to the fullest extent.

  • Other Information

    1. All the updates about Shokunin.com are announced and informed through the following media. Since there are contents available only on social media, we would appreciate it if you could follow us on these platforms.


    2. We have established showrooms at which customers could directly take the products at Shokunin.com in their hands. By all means, please feel free to come and visit our store while sightseeing.

    Showroom Information

    3. Shokunin.com has various other persistencies. Firstly, to allow every customer living in Japan to purchase all products at the same price regardless of where you live, we have set the delivery fee to be free starting from one item. As we wanted to deliver the products under the same conditions that urban department stores offer, we made the delivery fee-free.

    We deliver our products abroad and have websites in Japanese, English, simplified Chinese characters, traditional Chinese characters, Hangul, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Shipping costs are a flat rate of 2,800 yen regardless of the number of items purchased.

    Further, products can be purchased without undergoing any registration process. There is no discount point as we aim to coexist and co-prosper with other domestic retail shops. We are also working on joint developments with the producers since 2004. We would continuously provide products that are created based on our requests.

    Lastly, as we would like to deliver the products as soon as possible, they will be shipped in 2-3 days if they are in stock. To prevent stockout as much as possible, there are products that Shokunin.com holds the most among other retail shops. We will be sending out the products after inspecting all of the items.

    We would like to continuously remember the humble mental attitude to perceive "customers and craftsmen as protagonists," and to keep in mind to create a shop that could further serve each customer.

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