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Tsukiusagi's Slim Pot

Tsukiusagi is an original brand launched in 1926 by Fujii, a specialty trading company established in 1923.

When the company was founded, it coincided with the period when photography was becoming popular among the general public, and enameled vat for developing film became a big hit. The company has created the culture of enamel in Japan, and continues to produce enamel products nicknamed "Getto," from household use to commercial use, while staying close to our daily lives and times.

The Slim Pot was designed by Mr. Komin Yamada, who also designed that Global Kitchen Knife. The straight and thin pouring spout that maintains a constant flow of hot water is also suitable for dripping coffee, and has been a long seller for more than 40 years since its launch in 1980.

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Slim Pot


Size: About W225xD115xH195mm
Capacity: About 1.2L
Weight: About 620g
Material: Enamel
Production: Koto-ku, Tokyo (Noda Horo)
Available: Open Flame/Oven
Unavailable: Induction Heating/Microwave/Dishwasher

*Because the glaze is applied by hand, there are individual differences in the appearance of each piece, such as roughness due to unevenness of the glaze and black streaks in the underlying surface. Also, there may be some rattling at the bottom.
*Dust (black spots) may adhere in the high-temperature furnace during firing.
*Do not use on a stove top. Empty burning may cause cracks or damage.

Price: 4,800 JPY



An original brand launched in 1926 by Fujii, a specialty trading company founded in 1923.

Slim Pot

4,800 JPY

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