For any quantity (no matter where you live), the shipping fee is 2,800 JPY.

If you would like to purchase 1 item, the shipping fee is 2,800 JPY. Likewise, if you would like to purchase 10 items at once, the total shipping fee is constantly 2,800 JPY. Additionally, you have to pay the customs duties when the products arrive in your country.

The package will be shipped by EMS or DHL Express. You can't choose between EMS and DHL Express. Delivery would take about 5 days to arrive at the destination after shipping. In case the package sent back to Japan at the customs due to some reasons, the customer will have to pay the actual shipping cost (normally more than 2,800 JPY).

For areas such as Russia where EMS or DHL Express is not available, shipments will be sent by sea. Thank you for your understanding.

If you locate in Japan, you could order through the Japanese page, or order through this English page. We will calculate the exact price later (free shipping to anywhere in Japan + 10% sales tax).

Our currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). You could note that 100 JPY is worth about 1 USD. Here is the exact rate today.

*Please note that in the case of orders from overseas, if the amount is changed or cancelled after credit card payment, there may be a foreign exchange loss (or gain) if the closing date falls between the date of order and the date of change or cancellation.

If you select Alipay or WeChat Pay, we will send you a money request email "after checking stock." It may take several hours. Please wait for a while.

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