Tadafusa Three Basic Knives

Three Basic Knives Arranged by the Knife Shop

The knives at Tadafusa are useful, orthodox knives that are designed to adapt to our everyday living.

The design with a natural and gentle impression can be used for any kind of dishes and in any kind of kitchens.

Knives are professional tools with various types, and it is often difficult to choose the right knife. Therefore, the knife shop has selected "three basic knives" that would satisfy our needs.

The handle of the knife utilizes antimicrobial carbonized wood, a material made through Tadafusa's patented special heating process. It is a non-perishable and hygienic material.

Further, since the knife is double-edged, it can be used by left-handed people as well.

All processes are performed in Sanjo City and Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture.

Thank you very much for the amazingly fast and very careful delivery of my order. I love the Teshiozara bowls and the beautiful Tadafusa bread knife! And the Noda Horo vessels are so convenient anyway.
B.R. from Switzerland

I have purchased from your website many times, and I am always excited to see what new items you have to offer. I appreciate the incredible craftsmanship of all of the items I have ordered. I use many of your items every day - Tsujiwa sesame seed roaster/copper tamagoyaki pan/Nakamura aluminum steaming pot/Azumaya rice bin/Tasafuda bread knife, and I love the care and handmade quality that brings me joy every time I use them! Thank you! I look forward to using the Sawara bath chair and tub. My husband is building a Japanese bathroom, and we ordered a hinoki furo from Japan. We are excited to have the bath chair and tub made with care by the Yamaichi craftsmen! They are beautifully made. Thank you for enriching my life every day!
K.M. from USA

I am very satisfied with my order, everything is nicely and thoughtfully packaged, there are no damage of any kind. I am a big fan of Japanese kitchenware and Japanese aesthetics, so thrilled that I find a reliable on line merchant who provides international sales. I will be ordering more in the near future and I have told all my friends about your site. Please keep up the good work, your great service is greatly appreciated.
B.H. from Canada

I am very satisfied with your products. [Tadafusa] All-Purpose Knife/Petty Knife. It is well made and beautiful and lightweight, easy to grip. I might use them for a long time so I bought the stone as well to maintain their quality. [Seiryugama] Teacup Such a clean design and I like them very much. Size also good for daily teacups. I like your shop and handmade products. Hope you see you soon.
K.W. from Singapore

Well received. They are good as expected: ) Thank you!
B.J. from China

I am very satisfied with the purchase. All the items meet my expectations perfectly and your service and delivery are more than impressive. I have already recommended your website to thousands of people. Wish you all the best!
Z.L. from Australia

Well received the products. They look good. Except the wood grain of the wooden bowl is different from my expectation. I understand the wood grain is difficult to control. So it's Ok. Thanks for all your help!
B.J. from China

Well received the package with thanks. They look good. This time I bought together with my friend. We hope your store will have more and more wonderful goods. Best regards!
B.J. from China

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If shipping is delayed due to a shortage, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

With Regards to Antimicrobial Carbonized Wood:
The cutting board by Tadafusa utilizes the eco-friendly Antimicrobial Carbonized Wood produced through special heat treatment (patented/Patent Number 4029427). It is highly resistant to bacteria, and there are no worries about environmental pollution after its disposal. As the material is natural wood, it has warmth and soon becomes familiar with human hands. It is truly an environmentally friendly cutting board using no chemical treatment, chemical paint, nor resin.

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Bread Knife Popular

It could smoothly cut soft bread without crushing, and could also cut hard bread by firstly creating a cut using the wave-form edge of the knife. Video 1 Video 2

Size: About 365mm (Full Length), About 230mm (Blade Length)
Weight: About 125g
Material: Three Layers of Stainless Steel and SLD Steel, Antibacterial Carbonized Wood (Chestnut)
Unavailable: Microwave/Dishwasher/Dryer/Oven

Price: 11,500 JPY


All-Purpose Knife Popular

As it could be used when cooking meat, fish, and vegetable, the knife is called "santoku" meaning the "Three Primary Values." The most used knife by households.

Size: About 300mm (Full Length), 170mm (Blade Length)
Weight: About 135g
Material: Three Layers of Stainless Steel and SLD Steel, Antibacterial Carbonized Wood (Chestnut)
Unavailable: Microwave/Dishwasher/Dryer/Oven

Price: 11,000 JPY


Cheese Board L

Petty Knife Popular

Could easily do detailed works that are too complicated with large knives, such as the chamfering of potatoes and carrots, or the cutting of vegetables into decorative shapes.

Size: About 228mm (Full Length), 125mm (Blade Length)
Weight: About 50g
Material: Three Layers of Stainless Steel and SLD Steel, Antibacterial Carbonized Wood (Chestnut)
Unavailable: Microwave/Dishwasher/Dryer/Oven

Price: 9,000 JPY


Whetstone Set

A set including a whetstone and a whetstone receiver. By using the whetstone receiver, users can whet their knives more stable. The set would be sufficient for everyday use.

Size: About W183xH20xD61

Price: 5,000 JPY



Founded in 1948 in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a city known as "Town of Smithing" for 350 years. As to consistently provide the customers with "truly good products," all of the production procedures are done manually by craftsmen. Tadafusa is one of the most popular kitchen knife manufacturers in Japan, and received numerous awards, including Good Design Award and Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency's Director.

Three Basic Knives

9,000 JPY~

Cutting Board

6,000 JPY~

Butter Knife

1,000 JPY

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