Seiryugama Teacup

Seiryugama's Teacup

Hirashimizu ware flourished during the Bunka period (1804-1818) in Hirashimizu, a district that locates in the south-west area of Yamagata City and at the southern foot of Mount Chitose, a mountain entirely covered with pine trees.

Seiryugama, pottery that follows the tradition established by the founder of Hirashimizu ware, Jizaemon Niwa, was opened during the early years of the Meiji era. Porcelain making at Seiryugama inherits the tradition by manually molding the local soils utilizing potter's wheel, while it successfully adapts to the times as well.

Nashiseiji, which was developed in 1945, received the Grand Prix at the Brussels World's Fair in 1958. Seiryugama subsequently created "Zansetsu," and the white glaze that portrayed the thawing mountain has now become a synonym for Seiryugama.

All the products I ordered were packed very carefully and were dispatched and delivered in lightning speed. I feel so fortunate that you offer such excellent quality artisan products for sale and direct delivery. I am particularly impressed with the Rikucho Ogasawara pans. I have owned many good quality pans in my lifetime but these are the best that I have ever used. The even heat distribution, the surface quality and the easy cleaning make them a joy to use and own. The translated seasoning instructions that you included was appreciated. The Seiryugama porcelain is equally impressive in both design and beauty. Lastly, Tsujiwa Kanaami's Tetsuki Yakiami, which I purchased on a whim, has proven to be very useful and great quality. Thank you very much.
J.N. from Australia

I want to thank you for packaging the pieces carefully and safely. Everything has arrived in perfect condition and the shipment has been very fast. You are my reference store in Japan ;), you do very well. I send you a hug and a lot of energy.
A.C. from Spain

I am very satisfied with your products. [Tadafusa] All-Purpose Knife/Petty Knife. It is well made and beautiful and lightweight, easy to grip. I might use them for a long time so I bought the stone as well to maintain their quality. [Seiryugama] Teacup Such a clean design and I like them very much. Size also good for daily teacups. I like your shop and handmade products. Hope you see you soon.
K.W. from Singapore

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Yakumizara S

Cheese Board


Bread Plate

Kanamari M


Size: About Ø75xH57mm
Weight: About 107g
Material: Porcelain (Maruyama Ceramic Stone)
Available: Microwave

*The size and coloring may differ according to its finish. We kindly ask for your understanding.
*The glaze may vary from piece to piece. Individual difference example
*Please note that it may produce craze over time. Here

Price: 1,800 JPY

*The price will increase from 2024/8/1 due to the rising cost of raw materials. If you are considering purchasing, please place your order before then.
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Established during the early years of the Meiji era. They follow the tradition established by the founder of Hirashimizu ware, Jinzaemon Niwa, while successfully adapt to the times as well.


5,500 JPY

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