Seiryugama Plate

Seiryugama's Plate

Hirashimizu ware flourished during the Bunka period (1804-1818) in Hirashimizu, a district that locates in the south-west area of Yamagata City and at the southern foot of Mount Chitose, a mountain entirely covered with pine trees.

Seiryugama, pottery that follows the tradition established by the founder of Hirashimizu ware, Jizaemon Niwa, was opened during the early years of the Meiji era. Porcelain making at Seiryugama inherits the tradition by manually molding the local soils utilizing potter's wheel, while it successfully adapts to the times as well.

Nashiseiji, which was developed in 1945, received the Grand Prix at the Brussels World's Fair in 1958. Seiryugama subsequently created "Zansetsu," and the white glaze that portrayed the thawing mountain has now become a synonym for Seiryugama.

I'm very happy with all the products, I'm super impressed with the packaging, all the protection your team has done to ensure the bowls and containers to reach my hands safely, i'm truly impressed. I have read the reviews on your website that your team would pack everything nicely, so I didn't need to worry anything about the products not being in a good shape. Previously I have tried purchasing japanese ceramics from Rakuten, getting it shipped to Hong Kong by a forwarding company, unfortunately, quite a lot of them were broken. The products are of exceptional quality, the Plate bowl is such a beauty, the size is just the right size for a bowl of noodles, or a big bowl of soup! the smaller bowl is also super handy, sometimes i will use them as a rice bowl, or holding small dishes. The straw pot stand is nicely made, I love the straw smell, and the S size suits so many pots and oven dishes! The enamel containers, they are very handy kitchen tools, especially with the lids! The peeler is also of superb quality! I'm super pleased with all the products, and I'm eagerly looking forward to be shopping in again, and hope can sell more ceramics products from Japanese ceramist!!
V.H. from Hong Kong

One of the best thing during the pandemic was receiving the package from, which absolutely comforted my the hole in my heart resulted from not being able to travel to Japan. I miss Kyoto too. Looking forward to receiving my second order this time. May your business grow and bring prosperity.
L.C. from Taiwan

This was my second order from you and I love it all. I look forward to my next order!!!!
C.T. from USA

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Kobachi S

Tobikanna Mamekobachi

Shallow Bowl


This plate was specially crafted in the shape requested by our store, taking approximately 8 months. It is an ideal dish for dishes such as curry, fried rice, and pilaf.

Size: About Ø225xH35mm
Weight: About 800g
Material: Porcelain (Maruyama Ceramic Stone)
Available: Microwave

*The size and coloring may differ according to its finish. We kindly ask for your understanding.
*The glaze may vary from piece to piece. Individual difference example
*Please note that it may produce craze over time. Here

Price: 5,500 JPY

Out of Stock


Established during the early years of the Meiji era. They follow the tradition established by the founder of Hirashimizu ware, Jinzaemon Niwa, while successfully adapt to the times as well.


5,500 JPY

Shallow Bowl

4,500 JPY


5,000 JPY


4,500 JPY


1,700 JPY~

Rice Bowl

2,300 JPY~


1,800 JPY

Sencha Cup

1,500 JPY

Soba Set

1,000 JPY~


2,500 JPY~

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