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Susumuya was founded in 2012 by Mr. Kotaro Shinbara, who was born in a long-established wholesale store in Satsuma that has been engaged in the tea industry for generation after generations. He is a grandson of Mr. Nijiro Shinbara who's known as the "Father of Kagoshima Tea."

This teapot is made only "to draw out the taste of Japanese tea to the full and to make delicious teas," the primary purpose for all teapots. Designed by Mr. Masanori Oji.

The base of the teapot is made big as to allow Japanese tea to easily spread, while the height of the teapot is designed to be low so that women users could effortlessly squeeze out the tea. The beautiful form without any waste would surely stand close to the users' life.


I am very pleased to buy your products, everything is more than my expectation. So excite to meet your company, I am sure I will buy something again. Please continue introducing wonderful handicrafts made in Japan, I really enjoy Japan's everything. Think you so much to let me have wonderful experience in first time.
L.T. from Taiwan

This is my first time purchasing Susumuya teapot online directly from Japan. Considering Covid situation the delivery is much faster than postal service in Melbourne and I'd be sure to order more from Shokunin as I'm quite happy with customer care and quality teapot.
E.L. from Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for shipping out the products so quickly. I'm excited to receive them! I'm sure will come back to you guys. I've received the products. The products are very well made and the way you guys packing and wrapping them are exceptional! These little details will make me want to come back to the store. Thanks again and wish you guys success.
K.H. from USA

I received my order and it was more than satisfactory. Everything from the packaging to the product itself was thoughtfully prepared and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Thank you so much.
T.R. from USA

My tea pot arrived and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much. I use it every day and it brings me joy. I thought delivery might take a while coming to Australia but it was very fast. Thank you and have a nice day!
M.O. from Australia

I am astounded and delighted that all of my (very well packed) items arrived this morning in London 36 hours after being sent from you in Kyoto! I look forward to many years of use from them. Thanks again for the great service. I am satisfied with the products. I have noticed that the teacups do show some slight lines in the porcelain with use of green tea but that, I expect, is a natural feature of use. The teapot and nuts bowl also are looking very well and getting daily use! I will definitely drop by the shop the next time I visit Kyoto.
M.D. from UK


This item is usually shipped in 5 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.




All parts of the teapot, including the mouth, the cover, and the handle, are made by Mr. Tatsuo Umehara using hand-potter's-wheel. The teapot is unglazed, and it produces a soft black color, rather close to brown color, a color produced only by red stoneware. The tea incus traction coats the teapot through many uses, gradually turning the color unto a profound black. The side opposite to the mouth has a cut as to allows users to easily throw away the used tea leaves.

Size: About Ø120xW196xH69mm
Capacity: About 270ml
Weight: About 310g
Material: Udei
Production: Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture (Hokuryu Kiln)

*As it is produced through yakishime (densification), which utilizes neither potter's wheel nor glaze, there may be slight unevenness on the surface. Further, each may differ in forms and color. We kindly ask you to understand it as a taste of handwork.

Price: 8,500 JPY

Type *If you are left-handed, please choose "Left-Handed."


A tea shop founded in Kagoshima in 2012 by Mr. Kotaro Shinbara, who was born in a long-established wholesale store in Satsuma that has been engaged in the tea industry for generations after generations. He is also a grandson of Mr. Nijiro Shinbara who's known as the "Father of Kagoshima Tea."

Tea Canister

18,000 JPY


2,800 JPY


8,500 JPY


1,800 JPY~

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