Okubo House Mokkosha Cooking Spoon

Okubo House Mokkosha's Cooking Spoon

A cooking spoon created by coincidence as Okubo House Mokkosha received a request to manufacture a salad server.

It is useful when mixing and turning over ingredients that are placed on small frying pans. Useful in times of turning over hamburger steaks or pancakes, mixing potato salads, and putting teriyaki sauce on grilled yellowtail as well.

As it could turn in a small radius even on crowded frying pans, it is a cooking tool that you could hardly resist from taking into your hands.

The products I ordered and received are all wonderful. I discovered your website a couple years ago and I’m happy to regularly order products from your company. The selection you offer is unique and of very high quality. Thank you again for offering many excellent products. Great job with your business!!
J.K. from USA

All the products have been delivered in great condition!  I have used most items except for the pan (I need to find time to burn off the protective layer and do the oil and vegetable frying before using…wwww). The peeler is so sharp and smooth to use. The cooking spoon is also very easy and handy for frying. So good I intend to buy more from you in the very near future. Many thanks for procuring all these wonderful shokunin products and deliver them to overseas users!
Y.T. from Singapore

My order arrived so quickly and safely. The items are beautiful and complete my kitchen facilities perfectly. Thank you and I'm looking forward to see your new products.
B.R. from Switzerland

I'm VERY SATISFIED & happy with all the products in my order. The items meet my expectations & the descriptions. Please convey my sincere appreciation to the Masters who created the products, I will treasure and use them with good care. I will continue to purchase from you. I wish you the best of luck in your search for many more Master Craftsmen.
S.A. from Singapore

I have been very happy with all my orders! The products are both beautiful and useful, and many of them are things I cannot get anywhere else. I'm so pleased to have found your shop. The shape is perfect for stirring and turning food as it cooks, and because it's wood, it's safe to use even with a nonstick pan. I've ordered a second one because I have already been disappointed because I wanted to use it but someone else in my family was using it for something else! I'm also looking forward to using two together to mix and serve salad.
V.T. from USA

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Individual Difference

Mini Pan

Stainless Steel Bowl 23cm

Stainless Steel Bowl 23cm

Frying Pan

Okubo House Mokkosha
Cooking Spoon

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Size: About 25x4.7cm
Weight: About 15g
Material: Chestnut
Finishing: Only by Plane, No Filing, No Painting

*Each product differs in a wood pattern, color, and shape.
*As tannin in chestnut reacts to iron, the area that contacted may turn black.

Price: 4,000 JPY

Out of Stock

Okubo House Mokkosha

Founded in 2012 in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Manufactures unique and high-quality wooden livingware.

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