Kiya Unbleached Cotton Cloth

Kiya's Unbleached Cotton Cloth

The unbleached cotton cloths from Ise are woven by creating a moderate space within, using a thick, single yarn that is softly twisted.

There are no worries regarding bleach residues, and as it has high breathability and water-absorbency, it is suitable in straining dashi and squeezing fruit juice.

Further, by putting in between the body and the cover of wooden containers or pots with cooked rice, the cotton cloth would moderately absorb excess liquid. As fibers hardly remain, it is also suitable for wiping plates.

Please use it conveniently in your everyday life.

Thank you so much for your wonderful products and service. I love everything I have purchased and it arrived so fast! I appreciate all the craftsmanship and care and tradition that has gone into everything, and it makes me want to buy more. The Oak Village table is my pride and joy and I sit at it to do my journaling. The [Onishi Seisakusho] Fountain Pen Sakura I use every day to draw and write on my Oak Village desk. I visited Japan in October 2022 and have always wanted to take some of it home. The textiles are beautiful, I have been using them to do natural dyeing with weld, cochineal, and madder, and I'm going to use them as covers for bookbinding. The photos you take of your products on your website are gorgeous too. The 'cloud' towels are so soft too and a pleasure to use. I use the rice chests to store my wools as moths can be an issue here in Melbourne. Thank you, I have been pleased with every product.
C.A. from Australia

The order was perfect. Very fast shipping, and very high quality. Also the website provides very nice detailed images about each product!
E.L. from USA

Thank you for the prompt shipping of the order. Everything is wonderful! I love the unbleached cotton cloth and use them as table napkins as an alternative to paper towels and will definitely get more in the future.
P.Z. from USA

This was my second order from you and I love it all. I look forward to my next order!!!!
C.T. from USA

I am very satisfied with my order, everything is nicely and thoughtfully packaged, there are no damage of any kind. I am a big fan of Japanese kitchenware and Japanese aesthetics, so thrilled that I find a reliable on line merchant who provides international sales. I will be ordering more in the near future and I have told all my friends about your site. Please keep up the good work, your great service is greatly appreciated.
B.H. from Canada

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. We will inform you of the estimated shipping date if shipping is delayed due to a shortage.

Wappa Seiro S Seiro Pot

Chinese Seiro

Unbleached Cotton Cloth 108cm

Each piece of 108 cm unbleached cotton can be cut to any length you wish and used freely.

Size: About 36x108cm(x1)
Material: Isemomen (Cotton)

*One piece per item.
*We have them in stock. Long-term shortages are expected as soon as the manufacturer's stock runs out, so please consider purchasing as soon as possible.

Price: 1,000 JPY



Founded in 1792, Kiya has been purveying various living tools, mainly kitchen knives, for more than 200 years.

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