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Yamaichi's Bathing Set

It is a very nice bathing set like changing the daily bathroom to the best hot spring inn.

Yamaichi, founded in Showa 48, has been making products by using Kiso's woods aged 100-300 years in Minamikisocho, Nagano Prefecture.

A Japanese bathroom full of wood scents will wash away the tiredness of the day in a happy mood.


I have ordered a number of times from Shokunin, and each time I absolutely love the products. Each is made with so much care and beautiful materials. I use them in my daily life - the Yamaichi sawara wooden tub and soap dish I use daily, the beautiful marukans hold coffee and tea while the fukin I use to hold the Azmaya copper kettle when it is heated. Thanks as always!
C.R. from Australia

Thank you for inquiry about this order. I have received the item in good condition, without any defects. I am very satisfied with the item and highly appreciate your excellent service.
A.S. from Netherlands

I am thrilled with my recent purchase from Shokunin. It exceeded my expectations and is extremely high quality. I'm impressed at how quickly you post and how beautifully you wrap your products. I love your shop and will definitely be shopping with you again.
S.F. from Australia


This item is usually shipped in 2 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.


Sawara Bath Chair

A Japanese bath chair that could often be seen in elegant hot-spring hotels. A size perfect for adults.

Size: About 30x18xH18cm
Material: Sawara in Kiso, Japan

Price: 8,500 JPY


Sawara Hot-Water Tub

Not only could it be used at your everyday bathroom, but you could also carry it to the public bath along with your other bathing tools, and use it as your personal tub.

Size: About Ø22xH11.5cm
Material: Sawara in Kiso, Japan, Copper

Price: 4,600 JPY



Cypress Soap Tray

It could store soaps. As it contains a duckboard inside, it wouldn't accumulate water inside and it truly is convenient. The duckboard can be removed when cleaning it, and users could keep it clean.

Size: About 13x8.5xH3.5cm
Material: Cypress in Kiso, Japan

Price: 700 JPY



Founded in 1973 in Nagano, Japan. Utilizes Kiso's raw timbers that are about 100 to 300 years old, and produces a variety of products, including traditional wooden products as well as wooden handicrafts perceived from a new point of view.

Chinese Seiro

18,000 JPY


15,000 JPY


3,300 JPY

Bathing Set

700 JPY~

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