Yamaichi Triangular Onigiri Mold

Yamaichi's Triangular Onigiri Mold

When making several onigiri, it is surprisingly difficult to make them the same size and shape. Also, it is not easy to pick up freshly cooked and hot rice.

In such cases, try using Yamaichi's Triangular Onigiri Mold. You can make two triangular-shaped onigiri at once. The size may look small, but it is just right for lunch boxes or when you are a little hungry. Because it is made of Japanese cypress, the finished onigiri smells slightly of cypress. The wood absorbs excess moisture to make delicious onigiri.

Wet the onigiri mold and bottom plate with water, wipe them lightly dry, and then fill the triangular portion with rice. When the onigiri is half filled, add the ingredients and fill it further with rice. Using a ladle to hold the rice firmly in place, gently remove the rice from the mold by pressing down with your fingers near the border between the mold and the rice, and finally, lightly shape the onigiri. You can enjoy onigiri with simple white rice or with other ingredients such as pickled plums, salmon, bonito flakes, or cod roe.

The product arrived intact and according to my expectations. I congratulate you on your product line and your professionalism.
A.M. from Venice

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Individual Difference

Rectangle Shallow M


Triangular Onigiri Mold

Before use, soak the mold in water and pat dry with a dish towel.

Size: About W17.3xD7.5xH3(Onigiri Portion W6.2xH5.5)cm, H7mm (Bottom Plate)
Weight: About 150g
Material: Hinoki Cypress, Uncoated
Production: Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture

*The grain and color of each piece will vary. Also, there may be a slight rattling.
*There may be some scratches during the manufacturing process.
*The surface of the wood may be stained with oil, but this is due to the natural resin contained in the wood, which is harmless to the human body.

Price: 1,400 JPY



Founded in 1973 in Nagano, Japan. Utilizes Kiso's raw timbers that are about 100 to 300 years old, and produces a variety of products, including traditional wooden products as well as wooden handicrafts perceived from a new point of view.

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