THE Soy Sauce Cruet

"THE" Soy Sauce Cruet

"THE" Soy Sauce Cruet manufactured at the designated factory of Tsugaru Vidro, Aomori Prefecture's traditional handicraft, has a beautiful shape that fits both Japanese and Western dining tables.

As the cover and the body are rubbing against each other, the soy sauce would never drip. THE designed the spout from scratch and realized a form with refreshing simplicity, without the usual beak. It is structured to be stable by shifting the center of gravity towards the bottom of the cruet.

With regards to the material, the cruet utilizes a crystal glass that is highly transparent among other types of glasses and which matches with contents such as olive oil, sauce, and vinegar. Please, by all means, incorporate THE Soy Sauce Cruet onto your everyday dining table.

Yes, the The soy sauce cruet is beautiful, brilliantly designed, and a joy to use. I appreciate your respectful packaging and shipment. Thank you for your kindness.
S.A. from Canada

Your team consistently does a great job packaging the items with care and ensuring everything arrives quickly and undamaged. Thank you for making these lovely products available to an international audience!
S.G from Singapore

I am very happy with the soy sauce cruet, simple and very elegant design.
J.O. from France

Thank you very kindly for your shipment to my US address. I am highly pleased with all of my purchases and will shop again with you soon. What lovely ware to cherish and gift! It is a pleasure to handle and work with your wares. They are practical, high quality, beautifully finished and satisfying to the touch. I will continue to enjoy them for all of their long lifetime and am proud to gift them. They keep all promises and exceed expectations: [Okai Mafu Shoten] Linen Fukin towel dries so well and leaves glassware sparkly clean. [THE] Soy Sauce Cruet will not spill a single drop, however it is handled. [Daiya] Katsubako Brush cleans my fine coffee grinds, disregarding the highly static environment at 7000ft/2000m... and so on. Thank you again! The package arrived in under two weeks and in pristine shape. All items were wrapped with love and incredible attention to detail. The [Seiryugama] Sencha Cup came with a tiny, tiny chip, but that could not have happened in transit. All other items arrived in perfect condition. I have never yet received international shipments in such good shape here. Kudos to your team! I look forward to shopping again. All best to you and Shokunin enterprise.
C.L. from USA

I am very impressed by your company's service. I am very happy with the soy sauce cruet. Your company sets very high standard; the quality of the glass and workmanship deserve praise. I will certainly order more products from you. Thank you very much.
S.H. from Singapore

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. We will inform you of the estimated shipping date if shipping is delayed due to a shortage.


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Suzugami S Yakumizara

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Soy Sauce Cruet

Included in a paper box. Please take a look at the concept movie as well.

Size: About W50xD50xH115mm
Capacity: About 80ml
Weight: About 200g
Material: Crystal Glass

*Each piece is individually hand-rubbed by a craftsman to rub the body and stopper together. Therefore, some of them may have large white areas where the glass has been rubbed together. Please understand that this is a characteristic of handmade work.

Price: 4,200 JPY

*Because of the contract, we cannot sell this product to China, Hong Kong, and Macau.


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Soy Sauce Cruet

4,200 JPY

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