Hakusan Porcelain Hirachawan

Hakusan Porcelain's Hirachawan

Hirachawan is a masterpiece by Mr. Masahiro Mori, who was a representative product designer in Japan, as well as an in-house designer at Hakusan Porcelain. Since there are 100 types of patterns in total, we have chosen the nine most recommendable ones.

Hirachawan's diameter is 3cm greater than that of ordinary rice bowls and makes the rice look beautiful and tasteful. It also looks excellent with simmered dishes and side dishes placed on it. Please try adding them into your everyday dining table.

I had a wonderful shopping experience. My family and I love and enjoy using all of the products that I have purchased. Everything was perfectly packaged to avoid any damage, they are flawless. Thank you for finding these amazing products for oversea buyers. Looking forward for the next good finds.
Linda from Vancouver

We are very enjoy to have these wonderful items!
L.S. from Canada

We are very pleased both with service we have received from your company and the rice bowls. They are a pleasure to use, beautifully made and of a wonderful design. Many thanks.
R.D. from UK

I am really pleased with the hakusan hira chawan from you. They are pleasing to hold and stacks well when stored.
C.X. from USA

Thanks for the tracking information. Among the many sellers of Hakusan pottery, your site was the only one offering EMS, a real advantage for the international buyer. The economy shipping method takes nearly a month to arrive. It was also interesting that this bowl is variously described as a rice bowl, as a cup, or as a tea bowl by its sellers. One of my uses is as a cereal bowl. It has a much better shape and size than most such bowls. It feels good to deal with a small company in Kyoto. I collect ceramic tea cups from an artist named Suzuki Tomio who also lives in Kyoto. (Tomio Suzuki just doesn't sound right.) Thanks again for your help in completing a set of these bowls for me. I have received the three hirachawan pieces in perfect condition. Thanks for the fine effort in protecting these bowls for shipment.
R.B. from USA

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. We will inform you of the estimated shipping date if shipping is delayed due to a shortage.

From Left to Right:
(Top)ST16/ST22/F19 (Middle)E4/P4/Q58 (Bottom)Y15/H9/AB10







Broad Bean Chopstick Rest


JUJU mortier


Chestnut Rice Scoop


ST16 Owan #3.8






Atatamenabe L

Hakusan Porcelain

Size: About Ø15xH5.3cm
Weight: About 190g
Material: Porcelain
Production: Hasamicho in Nagasaki
Available: Microwave/Dishwasher
Unavailable: Oven/Fire

*ST16 has a matt texture and is different from the others.

Price: 3,000 JPY


Hakusan Porcelain

An old-established company founded in 1779 representing Hasami ware. Hakusan Porcelain's vessel making started off under the policy to produce vessels that are useful and that fit in our lifestyle. Hakusan Porcelain aims to produce vessels that will timelessly be a standard.

Hakusan Porcelain
Noodle Bowl

1,800 JPY~

Hakusan Porcelain

3,000 JPY

Hakusan Porcelain
Soy Sauce Dispenser

1,500 JPY~

Hakusan Porcelain
Yunomi Choko

1,000 JPY

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