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A Small Folding Desk Based on Nigatsudo Desk

The small folding desk is made based on Nigatsudo Desk. Nigatsudo Desk refers to a desk used at the refectory, a large room where meals are served to a Buddhist priest, at Todai-ji Temple, Nigatsudo, known for its water-drawing ceremony, a desk that has been inherited for over 1000 years.

Although it is simple, it is also highly convenient, used in multiple purposes, although it is compact, its size is necessary and sufficient. It can be transported as well as stored by folding its legs, while also creating your own space with your own will.

Nigatsudo Desk was long-cherished and firmly established in a Japanese lifestyle. How about inheriting some Japanese wisdom that is cultivated over a thousand years?


Everything is perfect as always. I love the table. It's just as I expected it.
F.D. from USA

The table arrived in perfect condition. It was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and cardboard, as well as a box, to ensure it arrived safely. The table is exactly what I needed and wanted. It is perfect for my home office, and I use it every day. It is also a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and design! I will definitely be shopping again in future at Shokunin.com. Thanks again!
A.F. from Canada


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Oak Village
Oritatami Kozukue

Considering the elasticity of the pure material, an original stopper, only using wood with no metal fittings, has been used for the fixing of the legs. It is a structure that takes into consideration the characteristic of wood, that gets hard or loose depending on the season. The table can be effortlessly folded by simply sliding the stopper right and left. Different materials are rightly used for different parts of the body: chestnut tree for the body, Japanese oak for the anti-warp features under the tabletop, beech tree for the stopper's pin, cherry tree for the knob, and bamboo for connecting these features.

Size: About W90xD45xH8-33cm
Weight: About 8kg
Material: Chestnut (Japan) and Other Japanese Trees

Price: 47,000 JPY


Oak Village

Founded in 1974. The brand started up as volunteers gathered in Tokyo, moved into Takayama-city, Gifu Prefecture, rented a farmer's shed, and began building furniture. Continues to transmit what a sustainable society calls for, where human being coexists with the environment and further evolve.

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Oak Village
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47,000 JPY

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