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Tsumiki Set Made of Different Natural Wood

Each is carefully made at their workshop in Hida Takayama, utilizing and processing more than 10 types of domestic natural woods. Users can enjoy the differences in grain, texture, scent, and hue among the different woods, through their five senses.

Further, the process of recognizing the shape of each block and putting them back in order in the wooden box would surely aid one's intellectual training.


This item is usually shipped in 2 business days. If it is out of stock, we will inform you of the expected shipping date.

Oak Village
Tsumiki Set

Size: About W927xD21xH7cm
Weight: About 2.1kg
Material: About 12 tree species (unpainted) such as Japanese oak, Japanese cypress, Tochi, Hoo, and Japanese maple

Price: 12,000 JPY


Oak Village

Founded in 1974. The brand started up as volunteers gathered in Tokyo, moved into Takayama-city, Gifu Prefecture, rented a farmer's shed, and began building furniture. Continues to transmit what a sustainable society calls for, where human being coexists with the environment and further evolve.

Oak Village
Tape Cutter

2,000 JPY~

Oak Village
Tsumiki Set

12,000 JPY

Oak Village
Oritatami Kozukue

47,000 JPY

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