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A card case that can hold 100 cards

"Cento" is 100 in Italian. As the name suggests, it is a card case that can hold 100 cards. It is convenient in situations where you have to gather point cards that usually increases without realizing.

By having the same structure for the cover and the bottom, the wallet is compact when holding a few cards. When 100 cards enter the case, the width increases, realizing the flexibility in holding any quantity.

As it utilizes Italian vegetable tanned leather, it tastefully ages. It is also recommended for people who frequently exchange cards with others.

A functional leather goods brand, created by a former architect

It occurred to me when the coins in my pocket continuously made a sound as I walk: Can't I carry coins more comfortably?

If I had, for example, a container, covered in a single leather with a pleasant texture, designed to allow users to easily take out things inside, making users attached to it every time they use it.

This is how, in 2001, Mr. Yuichiro Murakami's leather goods brand, "m+," was born.

The reason why a "+" has been added to Murakami's initial, "m," is based on the idea that products are completed by the "creator + someone else."

The natural material cultivated by nature, the reliable craftsmen, and the interactions the products have with each individual users are what creates m+'s leather goods.


So far I am very happy yes. All the items arrived in good condition, and are as expected from the descriptions. I have only used the Tetsuki Yakiami so far, and I am very happy with it. In addition, I wish to comment on how satisfied I am with the other aspects of this order, especially the communication and the fulfillment. I've been very impressed with the regular communication about the availability of items, and the possible timeframes for shipping, and then with how quickly the items were shipped even though some were not immediately available.
J.L. from USA


This item is usually shipped in 5 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.




Cento 2

Size: About W110xD70xH20(Maximum 40)mm
Weight: About 60g
Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather (Italy)

Price: 11,000 JPY




A brand of leather goods established in 2001 by Yuichiro Murakami, a former qualified architect of the first class. His childhood dream to invent something that surprises others, combined with his distinctive rationality as a former architect, created numerous best-selling products. Some of his designs base on architectural theories.

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Cento 2

11,000 JPY

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