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A pen case rolled in a single sheet of leather

Users store their writing materials by first opening the scroll. As the name "Rotolo (Scroll)" suggests, it is a pen case rolled in a single sheet of leather.

It winds the leather in cylindrical and fixes with an ornamental cap. A gum band is inserted right in front of the fastening tool, as to allow the leather to perfectly hold any amount of content. As to hold pens, gussets of minimal amount necessary are set along the edge of the leather.

Although it depends on the thickness of the pen, it could hold approximately 10 writing materials. As it opens as a sheet of leather opens, users could also use it as a pen tray.

A functional leather goods brand, created by a former architect

It occurred to me when the coins in my pocket continuously made a sound as I walk: Can't I carry coins more comfortably?

If I had, for example, a container, covered in a single leather with a pleasant texture, designed to allow users to easily take out things inside, making users attached to it every time they use it.

This is how, in 2001, Mr. Yuichiro Murakami's leather goods brand, "m+," was born.

The reason why a "+" has been added to Murakami's initial, "m," is based on the idea that products are completed by the "creator + someone else."

The natural material cultivated by nature, the reliable craftsmen, and the interactions the products have with each individual users are what creates m+'s leather goods.


I got the products and they are very lovely and in good condition. It is nice to get high-quality products from Japan under the current situation of coronavirus diseases. Looking forward to new items from your website.
CS Lee from Hong Kong

I have been very satisfied with the products so far. In particular I have been using the iron teapot and frying pan the most! The frying pan was smaller than expected, but that is actually perfect for me as I currently live alone.
A.X. from USA

I am satisfied with those products very much. Thanks. I will continue to follow your website items.
Y.T. from Taiwan

I was'nt expecting to recieve it in almost 10 days regarding the pandemic of covid-19. I also liked the packaging that protecting the items very well, that all makes me happy and wants to order again, especially that I have a business so time, safety, safe products counts a lot to me.
Customer from UAE


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Cognac used for 15 years

Cognac used for 15 years

Cognac used for 15 years

Rotolo Suede

Size: About Ø35x200mm
Weight: About 80g
Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather (Italy), Lining-Pig Suede

Price: 8,000 JPY




A brand of leather goods established in 2001 by Yuichiro Murakami, a former qualified architect of the first class. His childhood dream to invent something that surprises others, combined with his distinctive rationality as a former architect, created numerous best-selling products. Some of his designs base on architectural theories.

Millefoglie 2

15,000 JPY


8,000 JPY

Rotolo Suede

8,000 JPY

Cento 2

11,000 JPY

Ferma Mati

8,000 JPY

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