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Hijiki Is a 10-Year Diary Original to Marukawa Shoten

The simple diary that uses Matsusaka Cotton, a traditional handicraft in Mie Prefecture, for the cover page, where pages only have dates and ruled lines.

Users can write down what happened on each day for ten years.

From the second year, users may recall certain memories, thinking "This is what happened on the same day last year. This is what I felt that day."

Acting on birthdays or other anniversaries, would you like to start writing down a 10-year story just for you?


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Marukawa Shoten

The size of the paper is in A5 size, handy and portable. The dairy uses Matsusaka Momen's plain indigo (navy blue) for the entire cover page, removing any unnecessary letters and decorations and simply binding. It is a simple diary with a round back, bookbinding hardcover, and text solely including dates and ruled lines, thus, taking good care of the appearance of "book."

Size: About A5 (H21.5xW15.5xD3cm)
Material: 100% Cotton, Paper
Capacity: 366 days

Price: 7,000 JPY


Marukawa Shoten

Tatsuya Marukawa, born in Matsusaka City, started up "Marukawa Shoten" as a brand that manufactures and sells products designed by him. Marukawa also puts effort into the restoration of "Matsusaka Momen (Cotton)," a traditional handicraft of his home town with 500 years of history.

Marukawa Shoten

7,000 JPY

Marukawa Shoten

4,000 JPY~

Marukawa Shoten
Azuma Bukuro

3,000 JPY

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