Wajima Kirimoto Coffee Cup

Wajima Kirimoto's Coffee Cup

A clean yet charming coffee cup designed by Mr. Makoto Koizumi. The use of natural wood reduces thermal conductivity so that the vessel does not become hot when filled with hot drinks and can be held firmly in the hand. It is characterized by keeping coffee warm.

The plump texture and deep look that only lacquer can give are the result of the "honkataji technique." The natural wood is cloth-finished and primed with "Wajima jinoko," then carefully lacquered in the middle and top coats. You can also enjoy the beauty of the product as it ages, as it gradually becomes shiny and richly expressive with use.

The shape, which extends from the top rim to the bottom, provides stability and allows for stacking.

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Chabon S

Wajima Kirimoto
Coffee Cup

Domestic lacquer produced in Joboji, Iwate Prefecture is used.

Size: About 113x89xH61mm
Recommended Capacity: About 180(Full Capacity 220)ml
Weight: About 100g
Material: Natural Japan, Japanese Cucumber Tree

Price: 25,000 JPY


Wajima Kirimoto

Engaged in "wood and lacquer" work for over 200 years in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. The brand is engaged in integrated production from wood to lacquer, and continues to take on the challenge of creating products that blend wood and lacquer into today's lifestyles.

Wajima Kirimoto
Coffee Cup

25,000 JPY

Wajima Kirimoto

28,000 JPY

Wajima Kirimoto

20,000 JPY

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