Wajima Kirimoto Mug

Wajima Kirimoto's Mug

This mug with a lovely rounded shape was designed by Mr. Makoto Koizumi. The matte, subdued texture is the result of Wajima Kirimoto's unique "Makiji Technique."

After the natural wood has been cloth-finished and primed, Wajima jinoko is used once again near the surface and finished with a layer of lacquer. This increases surface hardness, making it resistant to abrasion and to scratches even when metal spoons are used. You can also enjoy the beauty of the product as it ages, as it gradually becomes shiny and richly expressive with use.

The wide-mouthed mug is recommended not only for beverages, but also as a vessel for soup and desserts. Versatile for a hearty cafe au lait, soup with lots of ingredients, etc. The firm handle is the key to ease of use.

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Wajima Kirimoto

Size: About 148x116xH66mm
Recommended Capacity: About 300(Full Capacity 400)ml
Weight: About 115g
Material: Natural Japan, Zelkova

Price: 28,000 JPY


Wajima Kirimoto

Engaged in "wood and lacquer" work for over 200 years in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. The brand is engaged in integrated production from wood to lacquer, and continues to take on the challenge of creating products that blend wood and lacquer into today's lifestyles.

Wajima Kirimoto
Coffee Cup

25,000 JPY

Wajima Kirimoto

28,000 JPY

Wajima Kirimoto

20,000 JPY

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