Hakusan Porcelain Yunomi Choko

Hakusan Porcelain's Yunomi Choko

Yunomi Choko is versatile enough to be used not only for tea, but also as a soba choko or a small bowl. The high quality of the white porcelain, which makes the most of the transparency of the Amakusa ceramic stone, is attractive.

Designed in 2002 by Mr. Yasuki Sakamoto of Hakusan Porcelain, who received direct instruction from Mr. Masahiro Mori. Winner of the 2008 Good Design Award.

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Chinese Seiro

Atatamenabe S

Hakusan Porcelain
Yunomi Choko

Size: About Ø80xH60mm
Capacity: About 180ml
Weight: About 130g
Material: Porcelain
Available: Microwave/Dishwasher
Unavailable: Oven/Fire

Price: 1,000 JPY


Hakusan Porcelain

An old-established company founded in 1779 representing Hasami ware. Hakusan Porcelain's vessel making started off under the policy to produce vessels that are useful and that fit in our lifestyle. Hakusan Porcelain aims to produce vessels that will timelessly be a standard.

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Hakusan Porcelain
Yunomi Choko

1,000 JPY

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