Okai Mafu Shoten's Linen Tenugui

This tenugui (hand towel) is made of linen. It has a light and gentle touch. It is highly absorbent and wicking, and can be kept clean. Please feel how comfortable it is to use.

It dries more easily than cotton, so it will come in handy when traveling. Our staff members use it in place of a handkerchief or towel, or wrap it around their necks like a scarf to protect them from the sun during their travels.

I was taking advantage of strong USD to Japanese ¥, and I am glad I did order many things! :-) Everything arrived in less than anticipated time frame for delivery and is in perfect condition due to the efficiently and meticulously packed merchandise! I am still mesmerized how efficient Japanese way of packing so many items in this box with no space wasted, yet it is so obvious that it was done with TLC so nothing is damaged! I learned as I unpacked! Everybody needs to learn packing like Japanese! :-) Opening the package was a great pleasure with a sense of anticipation and mystery even though I knew what I ordered. You could feel the TLC when unwrapping each item like it is coming from a good friend! I felt confident as always ordering beautiful products from Shokunin, as they are of good quality which will last a long time if I take care of them well and hope could extend their life to the next generation. I kept telling my son that he would inherit those beautiful items ;-). Wish I could get everything they offer..:-).
F.P. from USA

I'm extremely happy with all my purchases from your store and the wonderful service you provide. The high-quality products and service have exceeded my expectations. I feel very fortunate to be able to experience and use such high-quality handcrafted Japanese items in my daily life.
J.D. from Australia

I enjoy each item immensely. They are indeed carefully and exceptionally made items. I may make future purchases!
J.M. from UAE

I am very pleased with all the products I have bought from Shokunin. They are consistently of the highest quality, beautifully made and a pleasure to use. Thank you very much.
S.G. from UK

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. We will inform you of the estimated shipping date if shipping is delayed due to a shortage.

Okai Mafu Shoten
Linen Tenugui

Please refrain from using chlorinated bleach. It may lose its color when washed so please be careful. If the thread at the cut edge come unraveled, it can be cut using scissors.

Size: About 36x90cm
Material: Linen

Price: 1,800 JPY


Okai Mafu Shoten

Okai Mafu Shoten was a Nara Sarashi textile manufacturer founded in 1863 in Nara Prefecture. During the middle Edo period, approximately 90% of Naramachi's population was involved in Nara Sarashi. Okai Mafu Shoten is one of the few old-established stores that inherits the traditional technology.

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