Okai Mafu Shoten's Linen Dish Towel

A fukin (dish towel) made of mosquito net linen cloth. Sewed and created by Okai Mafu Shoten using the already weaved mosquito net.

As linen's fiber is longer than cotton, it hardly becomes fluffy, and thus, very suitable for drying dishes. Its water-absorbing power is four times that of cotton. Its strength also doubles that of cotton. It's also excellent in divergence, and it dries really quickly.

Starting as a dishcloth, it can be used as a tablecloth, and ultimately as a dust cloth. Please try using the unmixed blessing Linen Fukin.

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Okai Mafu Shoten
Linen Fukin

Please use it after washing off its glue using hot water or water. Please note that it may lose its color when used together with bleach-containing detergent.

Size: About 50x50cm
Material: Linen

Price: 800 JPY


Okai Mafu Shoten

Okai Mafu Shoten was a Nara Sarashi textile manufacturer founded in 1863 in Nara Prefecture. During the middle Edo period, approximately 90% of Naramachi's population was involved in Nara Sarashi. Okai Mafu Shoten is one of the few old-established stores that inherits the traditional technology.

Okai Mafu Shoten
Linen Fukin

800 JPY

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