Okai Mafu Shoten's Handwoven Linen Handkerchief

A handkerchief that uses Tochigi Prefecture's linen, handwoven and sewed at Okai Mafu Shoten. In order to allow any of the sides to become the front face, both edges are finished alternately.

The white has been bleached, however, there are parts where it remains yellow, and thus, truly profound. Formation of the natural color has also been added.


This item is usually shipped in 2 business days. If it is out of stock, we will inform you of the expected shipping date.

Natural (Left) and White (Right)

Okai Mafu Shoten
Handwoven Linen Handkerchief

Please use it after washing off its glue using hot water or water.

Size: About 30x28cm
Material: Linen

Price: 2,500 JPY


Okai Mafu Shoten

Okai Mafu Shoten was a Nara bleach textile manufacturer founded in 1863 in Nara Prefecture. During the middle Edo Period, approximately 90% of Nara City's population was involved in Nara bleach. Okai Mafu Shoten is one of the few old-established stores that inherits the traditional technology.

Okai Mafu Shoten
Linen Fukin

800 JPY

Okai Mafu Shoten
Hemp Tenugui

1,800 JPY

Okai Mafu Shoten
Handwoven Linen Handkerchief

2,000 JPY

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