Nakamura Douki Seisakusho Oyako Pan

The Taste of Specialty Restaurant at Home

The following crockpot for chicken and eggs, made of copper, is one of Nakamura Douki's products, a brand creating pots and frying pans at the downtown of Tokyo for four generations.

The crockpot is formed using a thick copper board, and as its surface is coated with tin, it has high thermal conductivity and heat-retaining ability, equally distributing the heat through the pot, hardly developing uneven burning or scorching.

The fluffy finish would recall the nostalgic taste of oyako-don that one might have experienced at a specialty restaurant.

Rather than continuously replacing cheap, Teflon-coated oyako pans for making oyako-don, how about a tool for lifelong use?

きのうばんごはんはおやこどんをつくりました。なかむらどうきのおやこパンがすきです!The oyako slid easily from the pan to the bowl! Wow! とてもすきでした。I felt like a pro cooking with it! ^ ^
F.P. from USA

Everything arrived safely as it should. I'm very happy with the products and I wasn't worry about the quality, I know your website for a pretty long time and I know you're selling great and authentic Japanese products. Thanks a lot, I will buy more things in the future :) Stay safe. 本当にありがとう!
B.E. from France

I am very happy with my oyakodon pan. The craftsmanship and sturdy quality are outstanding. The handle was a little bit loose, but I managed to tighten it quite easily. The thickness of the copper is very impressive and the pan heats up super quickly. I have recommended your cookware to friends, who are also interested in Japanese cuisine. Thank you so much for a great product.
W.C. from Australia

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Nakamura Douki
Oyako Pan

Size: About Ø170xH210mm
Weight: About 430g
Material: Copper, Tin, Wood
Unavailable: Induction Cooktop/Dishwasher

*There are small scratches, uneven tin coating, and splashes that occur during manufacturing. In rare cases, there may be small cracks on the handle. Photo

Price: 6,650 JPY



Nakamura Douki
Lid for Oyako Pan

Produced by applying the techniques of metal spinning at Nakamura Douki.

Size: About Ø16.3xH5cm
Weight: About 78g
Material: Aluminum, Wood
Unavailable: Induction Cooktop/Dishwasher

Price: 830 JPY



Nakamura Douki
Wooden Handle for Oyako Pan

Please order this separate item if the wooden handle is damaged. Comes with a copper nail. It can be attached to Oyako Pan. Video of replacement procedure

Material: Wood, Copper

Price: 450 JPY


Nakamura Douki

Nakamura Douki has been making copper kitchenware for more than 80 years, over four generations, in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Their products continue to gain popularity from copper lovers to professional chefs, so much that people say "when it comes to copper, it's Nakamura Douki."

Nakamura Douki
Tamagoyaki Pan

6,300 JPY~

Nakamura Douki
Oyako Pan

6,650 JPY

Nakamura Douki
Yukihira Pot

10,500 JPY~

Nakamura Douki
Tempura Pot

26,650 JPY~

Nakamura Douki
Seiro Pot

5,000 JPY~

Nakamura Douki
Aluminum Pan

3,900 JPY~

Nakamura Douki

8,500 JPY~

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