Kurikyu Magewappa Ohitsu

Kurikyu's Magewappa Ohitsu

Ohitsu refers to a tool for living created with the consideration to store rice as long and tasty as possible, before electric appliances such as refrigerators and rice cookers were invented. Therefore, it is truly a masterpiece expressing the wisdom of our predecessors to eat delicious rice.

Ohitsu removes excess heat and humidity of freshly cooked rice, making it further tasty. Moreover, thanks to cedar's bactericidal effect, the rice hardly spoils and the taste can be maintained until the next day.

Please, by all means, consider Kurikyu's Magewappa Ohitsu as your life-long tool.

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If shipping is delayed due to a shortage, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Containing 3 cups of rice

Chestnut Rice Scoop

Magewappa Ohitsu

Size for 2 to 3 people. It could contain 3 cups of rice. It has enough room for the cover to not touch the rice inside.

Size: About Ø200xH120mm
Material: Akita Cedar (Unpainted), Cherry Bark

Price: 44,000 JPY



Founded in 1874, Kurikyu is one of the most famous magewappa companies in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Kurikyu's magewappa is full of affectionateness, produced with a thought of creating products that shape the needs of mothers.

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