Kurikyu Magewappa Ice Pail

Kurikyu's Magewappa Ice Pail

Kurikyu's Magewappa Ice Pail is made by taking advantage of the thermal insulation properties of Japanese cedar. It keeps ice from melting and condensation from forming, so you can use it without getting your table wet.

Cedar trees endure the severe cold of Akita, and the annual rings are tightened to develop a beautiful grain. The fine grain of the wood is less prone to expansion and contraction and less prone to distortion, making it a durable, high-quality wood that has been valued for its durability.

Why don't you fill the Akita cedar ice pail with cold ice and enjoy a relaxing time with your favorite glass?

This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If shipping is delayed due to a shortage, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Magewappa Ice Pail

Size: About Ø152xH120mm (Ice Pail), About W12xD65xH180mm (Tongs), About Ø120xH15mm (Plate)
Materials: Akita Cedar (Urethane Coating), Bamboo (Domestic, Urethane Coating)

Price: 18,000 JPY



Founded in 1874, Kurikyu is one of the most famous magewappa companies in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Kurikyu's magewappa is full of affectionateness, produced with a thought of creating products that shape the needs of mothers.

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