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Kikkougama's Broad Bean Chopstick Rest

Founded in 1801 to 1804 in Juso, Osaka Prefecture, after learning pottery making from masters at Kyo ware. The kiln name Kikkougama was granted by the eleventh generation of Tokugawa Shogun family, who were pleased by their luncheon basket of turtle and associated the kiln name with Kikkou (turtle shell).

Kikkou ware is the only pottery remaining today in Osaka, and 30 items produced by the Kikkougama are stored at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The chopstick rest in a delicious-looking form of a broad bean was made by firstly molding it using originally assorted soil, a soil that contains coal bed; secondly biscuit firing, and lastly hand painting the glaze and the colored clay using a brush. Since they are burned by first creating the basis using the same soil, the base is colored as well. The potteries are different in texture, and thus, the chopstick rests are truly enchanting.


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Broad Bean Chopstick Rest


Size: About W25xD36xH15mm
Weight: About 18g
Material: Pottery

Price: 1,000 JPY



Founded in 1801-1804. Kikkou-yaki is the only pottery in Osaka.

Broad Bean Chopstick Rest

1,000 JPY

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