Sori Yanagi Whisk

Sori Yanagi's Whisk

Sori Yanagi's Whisk has more wires than a regular whisk, and can whisk with air more efficiently. The handle is made shorter in relation to the overall length of the product, so it is less likely to strain the wrist even after long hours of use. Meringue and whipped cream can be whipped into a fine and firm froth at an amazingly fast rate.

I was taking advantage of strong USD to Japanese ¥, and I am glad I did order many things! :-) Everything arrived in less than anticipated time frame for delivery and is in perfect condition due to the efficiently and meticulously packed merchandise! I am still mesmerized how efficient Japanese way of packing so many items in this box with no space wasted, yet it is so obvious that it was done with TLC so nothing is damaged! I learned as I unpacked! Everybody needs to learn packing like Japanese! :-) Opening the package was a great pleasure with a sense of anticipation and mystery even though I knew what I ordered. You could feel the TLC when unwrapping each item like it is coming from a good friend! I felt confident as always ordering beautiful products from Shokunin, as they are of good quality which will last a long time if I take care of them well and hope could extend their life to the next generation. I kept telling my son that he would inherit those beautiful items ;-). Wish I could get everything they offer..:-).
F.P. from USA

Thank you for yet another wonderful shopping experience. Everything is always immaculately packed with so much care and attention. Every item is also so much more beautiful and impressive in person! The whisk has replaced all my whisks! I love it. Perfect size and whisks so beautifully! It also has a nice weight to it. Highly recommend.
W.T. from Australia

All of the products are wonderful, and I am very satisfied. I am especially fond of the kyusu, which I use everyday. The frying pan is quite small, but I have been learning to make different things in it. I won't be putting the bells (fuurin) out until the weather is better, but I have ordered some a few years ago and know how they sound. I very much appreciate your site and look forward to using it again in the future. I think your website is doing a great job of introducing products that people outside of Japan cannot normally buy.
N.C. from USA

My order arrived so quickly and safely. The items are beautiful and complete my kitchen facilities perfectly. Thank you and I'm looking forward to see your new products.
B.R. from Switzerland

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Bowl 23cm

Bowl 23cm

Bowl 23cm

Bowl 23cm

Sori Yanagi
Whisk Recommended

Size: About Ø8xH30cm
Weight: About 105g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel (18% Chromium, 8% Nickel), Thermoplastic Elastomer (Handle)
Production: Nihon Yoshokki (Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture)
Unavailable: Dishwasher

Price: 2,200 JPY


Sori Yanagi

While Sori Yanagi is the eldest son of Muneyoshi Yanagi, who's known as the father of the folk craft movement in Japan, he is regarded as the greatest contributor to the establishment and development of the Japanese industrial design. Many products that were announced over 50 years ago are still praised today as representative product designs of Japan.

Sori Yanagi
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Stainless Steel Bowl

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Sori Yanagi

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Sori Yanagi
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1,800 JPY

Sori Yanagi

450 JPY

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