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Osaka Suzuki's Tumbler Standard

It is known that tin vessels first came to Japan 1300 years ago, and although it actively served for Shinto rituals, it began appearing at ordinary households at the beginning of the Edo period and still actively serving us today.

Osaka Suzuki, established in the late Edo period, is a widely-known, long-established company leading the production of tin vessels in Japan. Even today, Osaka Suzuki produces every single product utilizing the traditional techniques of casting the iron in a mold and grinding using a potter's wheel.

Tin is known to have high ion effect and is able to remove any unfavorable taste of sake, producing a mellow flavor and highly regarded by many sake-lovers.

Lip of the cup with a pleasant curve
Surface finished in the style of silk
Narrow design truly attractive


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Osaka Suzuki
Tumbler Standard

Osaka Suzuki is a long-established tinware manufacturer that represents Japan. It is one of the most popular products among their lineup.

Size: About Ø6.5xH10.0cm (200ml)
Weight: About 260g
Material: Tin

Price: 6,000 JPY


Osaka Suzuki

Osaka Suzuki was founded in the late Edo period. They manufacture products applying the traditional techniques, where they cast into a mold and grind using potter's wheel. Tin came to Japan around 1300 years ago. It is known to have a great ion effect and it removes zatsumi (unfavorable tastes in sake) from sake, turning the taste milder. Thus, it is said that Osaka Suzuki's cups, which are made of tin, make alcohol's taste smoother.

Osaka Suzuki
Tumbler Standard

6,000 JPY~

Osaka Suzuki
Tumbler Berg

5,000 JPY~

Osaka Suzuki

4,500 JPY~

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