Matsuyama Tokojo Stewpot

Matsuyama Tokojo's Stewpot

A traditional earthen pot that is entirely made of Iga's heat-resistant clay. As Iga's potter's clay contains many carbonized plants, when burnt, it turns into a porous surface. Therefore, the whole body of the earthen pot tightly retains heat and slowly heats ingredients to their core, boiling tasty rice without missing their flavor.

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Matsuyama Tokojo

This stewpot allows you to feel the natural sweetness of rice and enjoy the roasted rice. Simply start at low heat, gradually increase the heat to medium-high, and when the rice starts to steam, reduce the heat to very low for 8 minutes, turn off the heat, and steam for 8 minutes. The pot is large enough to cook 4 cups of rice. You can also use it as a simmering pot.

Size: About W250xD225xH180mm/2500ml
Weight: About 3kg
Material: Iga Refractory Soil Instructions
Available: Open Flame, Oven, Microwave
Unavailable: Dishwasher/Induction Cooktop

Price: 10,000 JPY


Matsuyama Tokojo

Matsuyama Tokojo produces warm and useful earthenware pots in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. They have received "The Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition Encouragement Award" in 2007.

Matsuyama Tokojo
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Matsuyama Tokojo
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Matsuyama Tokojo

10,000 JPY

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