I got the products and they are very lovely and in good condition. It is nice to get high-quality products from Japan under the current situation of coronavirus diseases. Looking forward to new items from your website.
CS Lee from Hong Kong

Confirmed I have received my order in perfect condition today. Thank you very much and sincerely appreciate all the professionals who made these beautiful products. I will share your company's info to all my friends! Thank you again and have a wonderful week!
S.F. from Hong Kong

Thank you very much, we are so happy with the ramen bowls and also the efficiency of delivery to us within 5 days to Melbourne Australia. I will look out for other items as well on a regular basis.
M.S. from Australia

I'm very happy with my order and they are exactly what I wanted. The delivery is also very efficient! Thanks so much. Looking forward to my next purchase.
E.C. from Hong Kong

Extremely satisfied and thanks for asking. I will surely place more orders in the future. I have been searching for a lid for the pot but no luck so far. Very good customers service. Keep it up and be safe and keep your family safe.
Customer from Hong Kong

Thank you, everything arrived and I am very satisfied with the products!
A.N. from Switzerland

Functional design and strong materials for every day as well as any special occasions. The Hakusan noodle bowls are perfect for ramen, but they can also be used as salad bowls. It's light and strong. Its traditional shape and color provide timeless beauty. Additionally, the bowls are finished with aesthetic coating.
M.K. from USA

Hakusan Porcelain

An old-established company founded in 1779 representing Hasami ware. Hakusan Porcelain's vessel making started off under the policy to produce vessels that are useful and that fit in our lifestyle. Hakusan Porcelain aims to produce vessels that will timelessly be a standard.

Hakusan Porcelain
Noodle Bowl

1,800 JPY~

Hakusan Porcelain

3,000 JPY

Hakusan Porcelain
Soy Sauce Dispenser

1,500 JPY~

Hakusan Porcelain
Yunomi Choko

1,000 JPY

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