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FD Style's Frying Pan

As to overcome the shortcoming of iron, which is its easily-rusting characteristic, FD Style has realized a rust-resistant frying pan developed through Oxynit processing, which quickly agrees with oil and which can be used without no-water heating. It can be used with Induction Heating (induction heating) and gas.

As to make as light as possible, spinning processing is used to thin down the outskirts of the frying pan (video). Processing that involves extending and rounding of iron as turning the potter's wheel.

Laminated bamboo is used for the handle. Not only is it beautiful, but it hardly erode, and the natural material soon becomes familiar with the hand.

An epoch-making frying pan expressing both the tastefulness unique to iron and the easiness in maintenance.


The FD Style deep saucepan is perfect and I've used it already. It was packaged very well too.
S.F. from Australia


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Regarding Oxynit Processing
By creating a porous, nitridized layer on the surface of iron, through nitridizing treatment, and by forming the oxidized film on the minutely uneven surface created at the surface of the nitridized layer, the frying pan can quickly agree with oil and become rust-resistant. (Patent Number: 5416745)


Frying Pan Shallow Popular

Size suitable for everyday use. It can deliciously cook fried egg, omelet, and steak. as it is easy to maneuver in a small space, please use it to cook various dishes.

Size: Ø242xD397xH115/1.6mm (Thickness)
Weight: 820g
Material: Iron (Oxnite), Bamboo (Handle), Stainless Steel (Metal Joint)
Available: Induction Heating/Fire
Unavailable: Dishwasher

Price: 7,000 JPY


Frying Pan Deep Popular

7.6 cm in depth, suitable size to make fried rice and stir-fried vegetables for two to three persons. Recommended for making curry rice and deep-fried food.

Size: Ø242xD400xH135/1.6mm (Thickness)
Weight: 870g
Material: Iron (Oxnite), Bamboo (Handle), Stainless Steel (Metal Joint)
Available: Induction Heating/Fire
Unavailable: Dishwasher

Price: 8,000 JPY



An original brand established by FD Inc. in 1991 at Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, in collaboration with the craftsmen of Niigata. FD is an abbreviation of Flex Design.


9,000 JPY

Frying Pan

7,000 JPY~

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