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Chanto is a brand of kitchen appliances, which are made based on the traditional technologies of Hikone Buddhist altar, a traditional handicraft of Shiga Prefecture.

Its biggest charm is its brilliant color lacquer that has been specially developed.

Although textures may differ, as each cup is made by hand, we would like our customers to kindly accept it as one of the characteristics of natural materials.

(from left to right)
Pink Espresso, Yellow Espresso, Green Multi Bowl, and Yellow Multi Bowl.


This item is usually shipped in 5 business days. If it is out of stock, we will inform you of the expected shipping date.


An espresso cup made of wood and lacquer. It is a small cup with which users can enjoy the two tones of wood and lacquer, the gentle texture of the natural material and the beauty of lacquer. It can be used for espresso coffee and sake cup. The left image shows orange (left) and brown (right).

Size: Ø57xH65mm
Capacity: 75ml
Weight: About 30g
Material: Zelkova, Japanese Lacquer

*Each piece differs in grain and color.

Price: 6,000 JPY


Multi Bowl

A large cup which can be used for various purposes, such as for Japanese green tea, soup, and salad. The comfortableness obtained when the user's finger fits into the recess of the vessel, when held with two hands, and the safeness even when the vessel containing hot content is held for a long time, as it hardly transfers heat, are two features of the multi bowl.

Size: Ø135xH84mm
Capacity: 630ml
Weight: About 290g
Material: Japanese Cherry Birch, Japanese Lacquer

*Each piece differs in grain and color.

Price: 15,000 JPY



Inoue Buddhist altar store was founded in 1901. After he felt with certainty that the Hikone Buddhist altar, a traditional handicraft in Shiga Prefecture, would eventually come to an end if it goes on like it used to be, he decided to start up the new brand, Chanto.


6,500 JPY

Multi Tray

7,800 JPY~


6,000 JPY~

Coffee Mill

35,000 JPY

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