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Banshu Hamono, with a 250-Year History

The hardware industry that deeply roots in Banshu (Southwest of Hyogo Prefecture) since a long time ago is said that it originates from the casting of Japanese swords.

The industry began by producing razors as one of the cutlery's daily necessities, and today, various cutlery are being produced. Specifically, Banshu's production volume of grip scissors ranks first in Japan.

Please enjoy Banshu's cutlery, each completed with care through craftsmen's hand works.

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All the products arrived perfectly, I love them so much. Really appreciated!!
W.C. from Hong Kong

Thank you for the beautiful scissors and yudofu shakushi. The scissors is perfect, so slimline and sharp. I was worried it might be too big but the size is great. It also came in a beautiful wooden box wrapped in cloth. The yudofu shakushi is a work of art. It is a standout in my kitchen and used daily! Thank you also for working around the difficulties with shipping in the covid19 environment. I really appreciate all your efforts.
W.T. from Australia

Everything arrived extremely well packed and I'm very satisfied with everything ordered, thanks again!
J.Q. from USA


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Banshu Hamono
Chef Kitchen Scissors

Kiyotsuna Chef Kitchen 200mm, a knife introduced in NHK’s TV show "Ippin" as "kitchen scissors of magic." It is designed to not slide while cutting crabs and frozen foods. Unlike knives, there are no worries about cutting your hands. The circle near the blades could be used as a corkscrew, which could also be used as a nutcracker. The product will be wrapped with Banshu Fabric and packed in a paulownia box, recommended as a gift.

Size: About 205mm
Weight: About 160g
Material: Stainless Steel
Unavailable: Dishwasher/Dish Dryer

Price: 9,000 JPY


Banshu Hamono

Having 250 years of history, Banshu Hamono ranks first in the production of knives. Their production originated from the making of Japanese swords, and even now, their products are handmade, each individually, through the traditional blacksmithing work.

Banshu Hamono
Chef Kitchen Scissors

9,000 JPY

Banshu Hamono
Grip Scissors

4,500 JPY

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