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Yama No Katachi's Sashiko Amulet

An amulet of sashiko (meaning "quilting") that envelops prayers across religions and ideologies. Sashiko is art created within our everyday lives that strengthens and beautifies any cloth. Each of its patterns has its own story. The charm is a homemade product designed by Mr. Katsunobu Yoshida, a designer active in Yamagata Prefecture. The charming bag is designed by Ms. Saki Izuka from Soushi who's active under the theme of "craftsmanship feeling with for your body and moving your hands."

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Yama No Katachi
Sashiko Amulet

Size: About W48xH70xD8mm
Weight: About 4~5g
Production: Oecho in Yamagata City (Soushi & Katsunobu Yoshida)

*The depth of the color may differ. Please enjoy it as a taste of handmade products.

Price: 2,500 JPY

*This is a discontinued product and is sold while supplies last, so we recommend ordering as soon as possible.

Yama No Katachi

Founded in the Spring of 2014 in Yamagata, Japan. Connecting Yamagata's contour and lifestyle, Yama No Katachi is a design label making products that should be in Yamagata.

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