Yama No Katachi Plain Wooden Otaka Poppo

Yama No Katachi's Plain Wooden Otaka Poppo

"Poppo," a folk art toy handed down in the Sasano area of Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, has been passed down by local farmers for more than 1,000 years.

It has a long history, and it is said that it was first developed as a religious toy by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro during his expedition to the east, together with the Senju Kannon (Goddess of Mercy), which was founded as a prayer for victory in battle. Later, Uesugi Yozan, the feudal lord of Yonezawa, recommended the production of Otaka Poppo as a side job in the winter when the area is closed by heavy snowfall, and the technique has been passed down through the generations as Sasano Itto-bori.

Koshiabra, one of the most tenacious of trees, is used. Craftsmen carve in a cross-legged posture, using a unique blade called sarukiri. The beautiful koshiabra and each bold cut shows elegance and affection.

The Plain Wooden Otaka Poppo dares to take off its bright colors. "Poppo" means "toy" in Ainu language, and is an adorable object to look at in your daily life.

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Yama No Katachi
Plain Wooden Otaka Poppo

Size: About Ø35xH150(Tail W40)mm
Weight: About 62g
Material: Koshiabura (Acanthopanax sciadophylloides)
Production: Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture (Yozan)

Price: 1,650 JPY


Yama No Katachi

Founded in the Spring of 2014 in Yamagata, Japan. Connecting Yamagata's contour and lifestyle, Yama No Katachi is a design label making products that should be in Yamagata.

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