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Tsujiwa Kanaami's Chakoshi (Tea Strainer)

Some of the distinctive characteristics of Tsujiwa Kanaami's Chakoshi is its beauty and fineness in the mesh. It could be used for green tea, black tea, as well as dust tea. The profound texture and robustness unique to hand-knitted products are some of the reasons for its great popularity. It could be used for decades, as it is possible to recover any clogged stainless-steel net for a fee.

The purchased item has arrived. Thank you for all your help, I’m very happy with the quality. Have a good day!
T.K. from Hong Kong

I’m very happy with my order. They are beautiful products and have been packaged very well. The delivery is super fast. Will definitely come back and buy more.
X.W. from Australia

Thank you so much, Shokunin! This is my first time shopping with this site and I am already very satisfied with the service you have provided for me! THANK YOU so much! For the "[Tsujiwa Kanaami] Chakoshi", I have been searching for over a year of how I can purchase it overseas without going to Kyoto. You have made my dreams come true. Thank you and I really look forward to the new handicrafts coming up on the site!
Becky from Hong Kong

You have an amazing collection of items on your store, a beautiful showcase of Japanese craftsmanship. Thank you for your email and for sending all the items. I really appreciated how much time you put into helping me source the Azmaya product. All the items arrived very quickly and all beautifully wrapped. I will definitely be ordering again soon!
C.R. from USA

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Tsujiwa Kanaami

A very popular product also purchased by customers living abroad, such as Taiwan.

Size: About Ø6.5x17xH5cm
Material: Copper, Stainless Steel

Price: 3,200 JPY


Tsujiwa Kanaami

Founded in Kyoto in 1948 by Mr. Wasaburo Tsuji. Tsujiwa Kanaami is one of the few long-established manufacturers that inherits the tradition of wire mesh techniques that date back to the Heian period.

Tsujiwa Kanaami
Tetsuki Yakiami

3,500 JPY~

Tsujiwa Kanaami
Yudofu Shakushi

2,300 JPY~

Tsujiwa Kanaami

3,200 JPY

Tsujiwa Kanaami
Sesame Roaster

4,800 JPY

Tsujiwa Kanaami
Hand-knitted Coffee Dripper

5,000 JPY~

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