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A Chair made of friendly material

At first glance, it appears to be a colorful stool with a cute shape.

This stool is actually made of paper. The soft texture unique to paper cannot be realized by any other material.

Furthermore, equally to wooden and metallic products, it withstood up to 500 kg of weight during the compression test.

The stool full of warmth was made by turning a material that has long been familiar to us into a chair.


I absolutely loved everything I received. Thank you for wrapping and packing each and every item so perfectly. I look forward to my next order.
M.Y. from Australia


This item is usually shipped in 3 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Kobo Siwori
Origami Stool

Origami Stool, which was first made in 1983, was released to the public after a quarter of a century, in July 2009. We have been constantly receiving orders from companies specializing in spatial design. It is a stool with a neat design that is formed by folding a single paper just like origami.

Size: About W55xD26xH40cm
Weight: About 2.3kg
Material: Paper

Price: 8,972 JPY


Here are the special colors, Sand, Lavender, and Crimson.

Price: 11,836 JPY


Kobo Siwori

The new challenge of paper stools. Origami Stool, first made in 1983, went on sale in July 2009 after a quarter of a century. They will continue to develop items that use paper.

Kobo Siwori
Origami Stool

8,972 JPY~

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