Shirokiya Shikkiten Teshiozara

Shirokiya Shikkiten's Teshiozara

The history of Aizu lacquerware can be traced back to the Muromachi period when the planting of lacquer trees was encouraged in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. Later, in 1590, Lord Gamo Ujisato, who became the lord of Aizu by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, brought in woodworkers and painters from Hino (present-day Shiga Prefecture), his former domain, and handed down the advanced techniques of the time, and Aizu lacquerware developed into a thriving industry.

Teshiozara are called "suigasa" in Aizu, and are known as vessels for Aizu's local dish, kozuyu. This is a "hospitality" bowl, where you are allowed to have as many refills as you like at weddings and funerals. The bright red color with a yellowish tinge is a kind of vermillion lacquer called araishu, which has been used for shrine gates since ancient times.

Shirokiya Shikkiten was established over 300 years ago during the Keian period. From the 1720s to the present, the store has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. It has won numerous awards, including gold medals at the Belgian Exposition in 1905 and the Japan-British Exposition in 1910, and is highly regarded internationally.

I received my order. Everything is beautiful including the packaging. I hope I can find your website again. I would like to order some larger lacquered bowls. Thank you very much.
S.C. from New Mexico

Thank you very much for the amazingly fast and very careful delivery of my order. I love the Teshiozara bowls and the beautiful Tadafusa bread knife! And the Noda Horo vessels are so convenient anyway.
B.R. from Switzerland

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Cheese Board


Shirokiya Shikkiten

Because it is deep, it is suitable as a dish for soupy dishes, salad dressing, and pickles. It can also be used as a nut bowl. It comes in a decorative box, so it is highly recommended as a gift.

Size: About W120xH38mm
Weight: About 115g
Material: Horse Chestnut, Urushi Lacquer
Unavailable: Microwave/Dishwasher/Dryer

*The color of each lacquer varies slightly, and there may be unevenness in the lacquer application, but please understand that as a charm of handicrafts. Here

Price: 3,800 JPY

*There have been some specification changes.

Shirokiya Shikkiten

The store was founded over 300 years ago during the Keian period. The store has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture since 1720s.

Shirokiya Shikkiten

3,800 JPY

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