momentum factory Orii on the wall mini

momentum factory Orii's on the wall mini

About Copperware Coloring

Various coloring is done on Takaoka copperware. Seidoshoku, niiro, sentokuiro, nabechoiro, shudoshoku, yaki-seidoshoku, ohaguro, etc. Through a combination of various techniques and chemicals, tens of colors are created.

The method in creating these colors are developed by predecessors who have conducted researches overcoming numerous trials and errors. The coloring techniques are truly reasonable, coloring methods harmonizing copper alloys, such as bronze and brass, with nature, and thus, methods that do not turn away from nature.

I am amazed by the fast delivery and your customer service! Thank you all very much. You can be proud of your team. The wall art arrived and looks wonderful! Everything arrived unharmed! I am very pleased and will purchase another item soon. I wish you a good day! どうもありがとうございます。
C.M. from UK

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momentum factory Orii
on the wall mini Popular

Would you like to enjoy decorating the entrance walls with flowers? It is tasteful to change the colors every season. Whether western or oriental, expressions can be freely changed depending on how flowers are treated. An existence, small, yet microcosm-like. Video

Size: About H365xW100xD17mm
Weight: About 350g
Material: Copper ("silver" is brass)

Price: 10,000 JPY


momentum factory Orii

Established in around 1950, in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, as "Orii coloring factory" coloring Buddhist products and traditional handicrafts. Based on the coloring technology of Takaoka copperware, which has been cultivated throughout the tradition of 400 years, they are expanding their areas of activity such as by working on the wallpaper of Roppongi Hills' (a symbolic building in Tokyo) observatory.

momentum factory Orii
on the wall mini

10,000 JPY

momentum factory Orii
tone tray

3,600 JPY

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