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Nishikawanobori Takezaiku's Kometogizaru

A kometogizaru (sieve for washing rice) carefully made of bamboo. Any excess water can be quickly removed by washing rice with the sieve. The texture of the bamboo colander is gentle on both the rice and the users' hands, and the rice hardly breaks.


Thank you for your excellent service and for supplying high quality merchandise. Every piece I received in my order was great. My orders are always packed with excellent care and perfection. I have the utmost confidence to continue to order well made products from your store because every transaction has been flawless. The combination of great pieces, excellent customer service and terrific packing gives me the most secure feeling to order and order from your store without worrying about an international transaction going wrong. Thank you very much. Aloha!!
--Love using the natural bamboo sieve compared to metal or plastic. Using a traditional tool feels very humbling and calming. The bamboo is gentle on rice, fruit and vegetables. Made very well. Tightly woven, so the sieve is sturdy and drains well.
P.C. from USA


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Nishikawanobori Takezaiku
Kometogizaru S Popular

Size: About Ø21.5 (Inside dimension: 19.5) xH12.5cm

Price: 6,000 JPY


Nishikawanobori Takezaiku
Kometogizaru L

Size: About Ø25 (Inside dimension: 23) xH13.5cm

Price: 6,500 JPY


Nishikawanobori Takezaiku

Bamboo work that was started in Nishikawanobori Town, Saga prefecture, as a side job of agriculture in the early Meiji era. It is said that 500 people of bamboo craftsmen worked during the peak period, and they got fame lining up with Imari and Arita-yaki. Currently, it is made by a few craftsmen who inherit that tradition.

Nishikawanobori Takezaiku

6,000 JPY~

Nishikawanobori Takezaiku

2,800 JPY~

Nishikawanobori Takezaiku

3,000 JPY~

Nishikawanobori Takezaiku

3,800 JPY~

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