Kuwana Imono Mosquito-Repelling Vessel

Kuwana Imono's Mosquito-Repelling Vessel

It is a kayariki (a device to repel mosquitoes by fumigation) made in Mie Prefecture's Kuwana region. Casting in Kuwana began in the Edo period, when Tadakatsu Honda, a vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa, became the feudal lord of Kuwana and started the production of firearms.

Further, Mie Prefecture is an area where Ise dyed pattern paper, which becomes design of kimonos, was cultivated. The design of the kayariki represents a summery topic designed in the same way kimonos are designed.

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Kuwana Imono
Mosquito-Repelling Vessel

"Hanabi" and "Asagao" are especially popular. If the mosquito coils are deflected by moisture or if the mosquito coils are close to the lid, the fire may go out in the middle. It is important to insert the mosquito coils firmly, but it is easier to stabilize them if you insert them with the front side of the coils down. If a mosquito coil is broken in the middle, spread the ashes of the burned coil over the Mosquito-Repelling Vessel and burn the coil on the ashes to keep it burning until the end of its life. When you want to extinguish it, just sink the ignited part into the ashes. Please give it a try. Video

Size: About 164x164xH43mm
Weight: About 1.7kg
Material: Cast Iron

*As the material used is iron, the legs of a kayariki may rust off depending on the environment. In that case, we'd appreciate it if users could remove these rusts on a regular basis.
*Mosquito coils are not accompanied by the kayariki.
*There might be cases in which a kayariki is a little wobbly. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Price: 4,500 JPY


Kuwana Imono

Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture is known as the city with 400 years history of casting, and with Mie Prefecture Cast Iron Foundry Cooperative at the center, the brand "Kuwana Imono" was established. "Mosquito-Repelling Vessel (a device that repels mosquitoes by fumigation)" has become a popular product, so much that it runs short every year.

Kuwana Imono
Mosquito-Repelling Vessel

4,500 JPY

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