HASAMI Block Bowl Mini

It might look like western tableware, but this is tableware made in Japan

This tableware that looks like some stylish western tableware is made by the traditional technology of Hasami ware, which has a 400-year history, at Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, also known as the "town of pottery."

Hasami was born under the concept stating: "Products are made to be used, and we wish to make tools that are loved, well-used, and used up."

With the intention of "being used and used on a daily basis," products are made a little thicker compared to tableware in the market, as to make them break resistant even when they are roughly handled.

Since they can be stacked and stored, while they are microwavable and possible to be washed by dishwashers, they are practical tableware in our life.

It’s the second time my family has ordered. We are always impressed with the Hasami products and I am sure we’ll order more in the future.
D.B. from California

Once again, I am so happy with my purchase. Everything arrived safely, thanks to you packing it all so well. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. Amazing products at fantastic prices. I'm now waiting for another order from you. I can't wait until it arrives.
P.Y. from Australia

I absolutely loved everything I received. Thank you for wrapping and packing each and every item so perfectly. I look forward to my next order.
M.Y. from Australia

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Block Bowl Mini

Its vivid color will add a nice touch to your table. Please use it as a salad bowl or small bowl. It can be stacked with Block Mug Soup.

Size: About Ø120xH45mm
Available: Microwave
Unavailable: Oven/Fire

*Yellow is a pale beige color with a greenish tinge. Click here to see a closer color
*Red is a more vivid color than in the picture on the left. Click here
*The blue one may show small brownish grains or speckles.

Price: 1,600 JPY

*Yellow and Mustard are different.


Hasami is a brand transmitted by Maruhiro and based in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami makes tools that can be used in our everyday life under the theme of "Tools, Gracelessness, Playfulness." Maruhiro was founded in 1957. Hasami is becoming one of the most known brands in the field of Hasami Porcelain production.

Block Mug

1,500 JPY~


1,500 JPY~

Block Bowl Mini

1,500 JPY~

Toy Gratin

1,000 JPY~

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