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A glass by Fresco, a glassblowing workshop. As each glass slightly differs in shape and height, Balloon is certainly a one-of-a-kind glass. Please have a luxurious time with some juice and beer with Balloon.


I have received the order and they are in perfect state! I love everything In the order and also the English instruction included, especially the Inban Chopstick Rest which are really cute! Great that you have bring in the high quality Japanese products and really appreciate that.
K.H. from Hong Kong


This item is usually shipped in 2 business days. If out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated shipping date.

Fresco products are all handmade. Please think of the size and the shape are only for the reference, and there are some differences between the products in photographs and the product you'd actually see in real. There might be some differences in the colors, too. It's really difficult to get the stability of colors in glass. Thank you for your understanding.

Left: black, Right: light grey


light grey



As the name says, it is a glass that resembles a balloon. The top part is inflated and is easy to grip. Suitable as a beer glass.

Size (mm): About Ø70xH125
Material: Glass, Natural Mineral
Unavailable: Microwave, Freezer, Boiling Water

Price: 5,300 JPY



The glassblowing workshop established in Osaka in 2005 by Tsuyoshi Tsujino, who has more than 20 years of a career glassblower, presents various proposals using glass, under the theme of balancing the reliability that the brand has, and the originality of handmade. Nowadays, Fresco is one of the finest blown glass brands in Japan.

kasumi bowl

4,200 JPY~

kasumi plate

4,200 JPY~


8,400 JPY


5,300 JPY

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