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Moyai Kogei's Zelkova Bread Plate

A beautiful, unpainted bread plate produced by the handicrafts shop, Moyai Kogei, which is located in Kamakura and which also supervises the "Mingei no Kyokasho" series, in collaboration with Watanabe Mokkogei, located in Nanto, Toyama Prefecture.

Users can deliciously eat the bread until the end as the unpainted wood grain of the plate absorbs the moisture of the toast. Further, the color of the plate deepens as substances such as butter sinks into the surface, enabling users to enjoy the aging process typical to plain wood.


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Moyai Kogei
Zelkova Bread Plate

As the plate may blacken if washed in water, please wipe it lightly with a wrung, wet dish towel after using it.

Size: About W220xD150xH16mm
Weight: About 200g
Material: Zelkova in Japan

Price: 2,800 JPY


Moyai Kogei

Founded in 1971. A representative mingei shop of Japan located in Kamakura, that handles the finest products of handwork selected from around Japan.

Moyai Kogei
Zelkova Bread Plate

2,800 JPY

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